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emediaSF organizes U.S. innovation tours that deliver impactful experiences to business leaders that drive change and spawn new ideas.

Industry Associations
emediaSF innovation tours for industry associations provide members with a unique opportunity to step away from daily duties into an immersive experience that stimulates strategic thinking. Participants meet with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and key executives to get their perspectives, hear about their experiences and best practices, discuss challenges, and exchange ideas. Tours provide an environment that fosters intimate discussions within the group of participants that help further develop ideas and explore solutions for challenges. Innovation tours provide a competitive advantage through original, first-hand knowledge, unfiltered inspiration, and unparalleled access and networking. The experience provides participants with valuable input and insights to devise and plan their strategies and an outstanding network to draw on for years to come. Tours typically run three to five business days and include multiple U.S. locations.

For individual companies, emediaSF offers tours tailored to business objectives. Examples include exploring niche markets, specific business models, and enabling collaboration or partnerships between organizations.

emediaSF can arrange hotels, restaurants, and U.S. domestic travel to enable executives to focus on meetings and networking.