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emediaSF has organized digital and mobile media events and sessions that have featured top experts and speakers. emediaSF has been engaged in many aspects of organization including strategy, program development, speaker curation, email marketing, content marketing production and distribution, social media marketing, selection and implementation of conference mobile app, website development and maintenance and sponsor acquisition.

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Berlin, Germany

Since 2010, emediaSF has partnered with FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association, and the VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers) to put on the Digital Innovators’ Summit every March in Berlin, Germany. emediaSF co-founded the conference with the VDZ in 2009.

The annual Digital Innovators’ Summit is a two day international gathering of executives and managers of magazine, newspaper and digital media companies that are seeking ways to further develop their digital content businesses. The event has featured top speakers from notable companies such as Buzzfeed, NowThis News, Condé Nast, Forbes, Facebook, BMW, New York Times, Google, IDG, Huffington Post, Vice Media, IDEO, Altimeter Group, Twitter and Atlantic Media. The event attracts 500+ senior executives from magazine, newspaper and digital media companies from around the world with the majority coming from Europe. Past attendees have come from companies such as Sanoma, G+J, Bauer, Bonnier, Hearst, Haymarket, Spiegel, Axel Springer, TIME Inc., The Economist, Condé Nast, BBC, Mondadori, Egmont and Doosan.

As one of the three partners hosting this event, emediaSF has been involved in almost every aspect of organizing the summit, including developing the strategy and program, marketing, social media and moderating.

Below are some of the speakers emediaSF acquired at past summits:

March 23-24, 2015  Justin Ferrell – Stanford, David Nussbaum – F+W Media, Lutz Finger – LinkedIn, Matt Crystal – Pinterest, Michele McConomy – RocketSpace, Shane Wall – HP, Alexander van Boetzelaer – Elsevier, Barry Kelly – Thought Industries, Jan-Keno Janssen – Heise, Richard Gingras – Google, Dave Lerman – Say Media, Juliane Leopold – Buzzfeed

March 24-25, 2014  Scott Lamb – Buzzfeed, Ed O’Keefe – NowThis News, Andy Mitchell – Facebook, Steve Hannah – The Onion, Brian Garrett – CrossCut Ventures, Rich Welch – Condé Nast, Ken Willner – Zumobi, Thomas van Manen – VINT, Thomas Balduff – Janrain, Carsten Kritscher – VICE Media

March 18-19, 2013  Ben Huh – Cheezburger, Mark Coatney – Tumblr, JP Rangaswami –, Omid Ashtari – Foursquare, Paul Smurl – New York Times, Matt Skibinski – Press+, Rebecca Lieb – Altimeter Group, Matthew Snyder – ResponsiveAds, Maura Randall – Condé Nast

March 12-13, 2012  Lewis D’Vorkin – Forbes, Katie Stanton – Twitter, Andy Seibert – Dow Jones, Ben Barokas – Admeld, Dan Hickey – Meredith, Erinn Leahey – Buddy Media, Josh Koppel – ScrollMotion, Ulla McGee – IDG, Gordon McLeod – Krux

March 14-15, 2011  Chris Kibarian – Thomson Reuters, Adam Medros – TripAdvisor, Andréa Mallard – IDEO, Rick Blair –, Rebecca Grossman-Cohen – The Daily, Jay Stevens – Rubicon Project, Morgan Guenther – Next Issue Media, Joe McCambley – The Wonderfactory, Eric Litman – Medialets, Peter Sprague – Premier Guitar and Guitar Edge

March 1-2, 2010  David Liu – The Knot, Alex Blum – KickApps, Steven Kydd – Demand Media, Rajeev Goel – PubMatic, Eric Jillard – Mercedes Benz USA, Matthias Kurwig – Neo@Ogilvy, Merrill Brown – Press+, Jason Fulmines – Gannett, Thomas Schulz – AdMob, Julian Hardy – Millennial Media, Harald Neidhardt – Smaato, Majid Abai – Pringo

March 3-4, 2009  Chuck Cordray – Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Andréa Mallard – IDEO, Ben Barokas – Admeld, Meinolf Eilers – Attributor, Jon Aizen – Dapper, Simon Frank – KickApps, Jonathan Cobb – Kiptronic, Adam Schneider – Snaptell, Kristina Prokop – Adify, Steve Semelsburger – Demand Media

More about the next Digital Innovators’ Summit can be found at:


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Deutsche Messe
Hannover, Germany

At the request of Deutsche Messe, emediaSF assisted with efforts around Partner State California for CeBIT 2009. This included working with the California Governor’s office and conceiving and assembling moderators and panelists for a series of CeBIT sessions on innovations in Web-based Digital Media, Social Networks & Virtual Worlds. Panels were (bear in mind that the topics were cutting edge in 2009!):

  1. Social Network Application Session – Tapping into New Users and Customers through Open Social Networks (Business Value of Leveraging Major Social Networks)
  2. Enterprise Mashup Session – Cheaper and Faster Software Based Business Solutions with Enterprise Mashups
  3. Enterprise Social Networks Session – The Power of Social Networking in the Enterprise
  4. Enterprise Virtual Worlds Session – The Value of Virtual Worlds and 3D Web for Companies